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The first project of the Bollettino telematico di filosofia politica was conceived by a group of young Italian scholars of political philosophy whose common goal was sharing and spreading knowledge and working tools beyond the boundaries of the academic world by means of the net. For this reason, they decided to create a journal that, while being strictly referred, would give everyone the opportunity to cooperate. When they began to outline such a project, they were aware they were going to build something different from traditional scholarly journals, printed on paper, which usually are the outcomes of single schools of thought. Internet offered them the opportunity to create a journal similar to a meeting point, where several approaches and points of view could discuss and collaborate. As the project began to develop, this group grew wider and now it has spread to many Italian universities.

This experiment, whose initial environment was the Italian speaking world only, was so successful that we are considering the idea to test the project on a wider basis, by preparing an English version of the Bollettino and by calling for worldwide cooperators.

For this reason, we need young scholars who can contribute to our books and journals review pages. We require the following basic qualifications:
  • a university degree in philosophy, political philosophy, philosophy of law and similar;
  • fluency in written English

All the editors of the Bollettino are university teachers and scholars who cooperate for free, and, on the same basis, our candidate contributors are asked to cooperate for free. We have, however, something to offer:
  • the opportunity of learning to communicate by means of the web
  • a virtual community of political philosophers
  • the opportunity to publish referred contributions immediately and without costs
  • the opportunity to be read and known by a lot of people

Applications must be sent to Maria Chiara Pievatolo (, with a short curriculum vitae and a list of publications.
We will propose applicants a task - for instance an article or book review - to test them. If they pass the test, they will be accepted as permanent contributors. The editors group itself is partly made of scholars who have been co-opted among the permanent contributors.

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The Bollettino telematico di filosofia politica is hosted by the Dipartimento di Scienze della politica of the Facoltà di Scienze politiche of the university of Pisa. It is mirrored on

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